Enabling Information-Driven Financial Services

Enabling Information-Driven Financial Services

Now more than ever, leading financial institutions depend on technology to mine valuable data from a multitude of complex sources to enrich and connect it across topical lines so key stakeholders can obtain relevant information.

This can provide tremendous opportunities to increase revenue and reduce risk. Yet, at the same time, organizations are required to comply with even more stringent regulations.

These regulations, such as Dodd Frank (US), MiFID II (EU), the GDPR (EU) and the proposed California Consumer Privacy Act, are examples of major regulatory changes that heighten the pressure on your organization to organize and secure data, as well as make it readily accessible no matter where it is stored and in what applications.

Becoming information-driven can help your organization enhance the performance of key stakeholders in significant ways, such as:

  • Leveraging technology to surface actionable information across all business functions.
  • Finding patterns and relationships among disparate data from different silos to deliver an advanced Know Your Customer (KYC) approach with contextual insights from a timeline of important events including M&A activity, fundraising, credits, litigation, etc.
  • Surfacing topically relevant information from disparate sources in a unified view – for example, a 360° view of a bond fund that brings together information from different business applications, previous analysis, broker commentary, email, new sites, etc.

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